Wishes to all WHT Community Members & Guest. This is an Official Proposal from Cenmax. A Premier DC with 12+ Locations around the Globe. This Co-Location Proposal is for our Indian Data Center where our own Fiber Net Company Exists. This datacenter is Located in the Heart of India, Delhi. This Datacenter is Believed to be used by Ten Thousands of Websites & Applications.

Here’s what we Provide you for $3000/Mo.:

  • Free Remote Hands (24/7)
  • 1 GBPS Uplink with Unmetered BW
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 5 Usable IPv4 Addresses (More Subnets and IPs can be Added)
  • 24/7 Datacenter Technicians Support
  • 24/7 HQ Technicians Support
  • Network Backed by 200GBPS Connectivity

Our Infrastructure

  1. Dedicated power feed from local power discom for Data Centre
  2. N+1 UPS systems; 3 parallel AROS/Liebert UPS of 300 KVA
  3. 24×7 physically staffed Network Operation Center (NOC)
  4. Controlled Humidity at 50% (+/-10%)
  5. PAC units in Cyclic Operation
  6. Cooling capacity of redundant 54TR
  7. 24×7 CCTV Security Surveillance
  8. Smoke detection systems
  9. Gas Suppression FM200 for server space
  10. Restricted Access
  11. Biometric built security systems
  12. Best-in-industry servers and equipment manufactured by General Instruments, Oracle, Dell, HP, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Juniper and Cisco Systems

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With Thanks,
Sales at Cenmax.