Get your hard drive / SSD colocated in Canada (Toronto) for an affordable low price.

100% DMCA free/ignore network

Slot Hosting Plan
CPU – 1 x 2.9Ghz
Memory – 4GB DDR3 Ram
Slot – 1 x 2.5″ drive hosted

1 Canadian IP Address (Canadian Datacenter ~ Toronto, Canada)

500GB data transfer

$20USD per month


The drive/stroage amount I want to use is not on your list options what can I do? – If the drive you want is on or, We can make the drive purchase on your behalf. Simply send us a gift card from either of the two retailers with the total amount (including Canadian tax + Shipping). Send us a email for further details on this.

Can I use my own drive? – Due to the logistics of shipping involved and we do not allow that option.

For additional information on this service, check the following URL

Other Fees:

Handling fees after 6 months of service: $30/one time

Drive return: Handling fee + Shipping

Deployment Time: Drives are installed every Friday/Saturday

Warning: Absolutely no email marketing

Available Payment Options:

PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoins

Order URL: