Cenmax is one of the most trusted Datacenter operator in India. With two TIER 3 datacenters in Asia, We’re able to provide you greater range of services with huge amount of premium bandwidth at affordable prices.

Why choose Cenmax?

  1. Highest Quality of service around the clock from friendly engineers that remains unmatched by our competitors
  2. Exclusive 24×7 Online support with 30 second average tech support reply time
  3. We have great relationships with our Carriers which enables us to bring down the overall bandwidth cost
  4. Highest data security w/ highest reliability for Mission-Critical operations


E3-1230-v3 – 2×1 TB HDD – 16GB DDR3 ECC – 5 IPv4 – $300/Mo. – Buy Now

E5-2620-v3 – 2×1 TB HDD – 32GB DDR3 ECC – 5 IPv4 – $500/Mo. – Buy Now

E5-230 – 4×1 TB HDD – 64GB DDR3 ECC – 12 IPv4 – $700/Mo. – Buy Now

All configs include: 50MBPS unshared bandwidth, Unmetered data transfer, 24×7 Priority Support, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee w/ SLA

Infrastructure Info:


  1. Dedicated power feed from local power discom
  2. 300kVA UPS Capacity with N+1 Redundancy which are directly connected between servers & racks
  3. 220kW of Electricity from Private Grids


  1. N+1 Redundant PAC Units
  2. Engineered with care to prevent airflow congestion
  3. Total redundant cooling capacity of 54TR
  4. Controlled environment with humidity at a level of ~50%

Anti-Fire Measures

  1. State-of-the-art Smoke detection and reporting systems
  2. Usage of fire retardant Paints, Tiles, Doors & Glasses
  3. FM-200 suppressed air throughout the Datacenter Facility’s server space


  1. 4 TIER One Carriers installed in all our facilities
  2. 24×7 Physically staffed NOC who proactively monitors the network
  3. Redundant Internet capacity of 100G
  4. Intelligently routed network with N+1 redundancy through Cisco Technologies

Custom Requirement?

Having a custom requirement with the configuration of the Server? Don’t worry we will get that sorted. Please get in touch with our sales department via Live chat to get your Quote. Apart from that, We also do Colocation services, Geographic Caching & CDN Service for India. So, If you have any such requirements, Please do contact us. We’ll be happy get things set for you.

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